I first got started in photography when I was in high school, simply shooting self-portraits and playing around with photoshop. Then in 2018, my oldest cousin got married and there I met another wedding photographer who asked me, "Do you want to 2nd shoot weddings with me?" I was like, "YES!! SIGN ME UP!!"

From there, I spent all of 2019 second shooting weddings with him and learning all the ins and outs of how to properly capture the love and chaos that comes with a wedding day before I ever shot my first one all on my own in 2020, and going full time by beginning of 2021. I truly didn't realize how fulfilling it was for my soul to see how significant all the memories I've captured can be.

I'm a wedding and couples photographer based in DC and northern Virginia, and wherever your love takes me! I try my best to be the best third-wheeler in every couple’s mushy moments. I'm all about capturing and bringing out the moody, intimate tones in between all the candid moments and details that we sometimes forget about the very next day but mean the most to us years down the line.

Some of my hobbies besides photography are playing the piano, reading, and watching anime! I'm an INFJ and I know nothing about astrology so if you say something like "You're definitely a Sagittarius with red moon rising!" (or something like that) I'll have no idea what you're talking about lol.

In 2020, when I found out that my grandmother, someone who raised me growing up since my parents were too busy looking over the family restaurant, was diagnosed with dementia, I realized that I wouldn't get to see the day where she'll be at my wedding and really remember it, and that realization tore me apart. 

As her health declined, I held onto anything I could have that resembled her. I would look back to older photos of her, just in-the-moment iPhone footage or super old prints, and think "This is all I have." 

Ever since I started seeing each photo I've taken as a time capsule, I felt more purpose in this passion of mine, because I know someday, someone will look back on their photos of their loved ones I've captured, and think to themselves, "I am so glad I have these." And that type of thought makes my heart feel so full.

So that's why when clients ask me "Can I send you a group shot list?" for their wedding day, I say YES OF COURSEE, because I want to make sure that everyone you love is properly photographed and remembered on your special day. That's why when I photograph couples, I try to give candid poses that captures the essence of who they are together - laughter, awkwardness, and everything.

And that's why when I photograph wedding days, I'm always on the lookout for those split second shots of true happiness written on the faces of people who love you most. So if you're about timeless photographs with truest emotions being captured, then I'm the girl for you.


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