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Wedding details are the first things I photograph on a wedding day! If you ask any wedding photographer, they will all tell you that nothing makes us more giddy at the beginning of a wedding day than a gorgeous flat lay ?

Not everything below needs to be included in order to have a pretty layout, but everything listed below are some ideas that I always feed to my couples before the big day, so that they can lay them all out ahead of time to be photographed. The small details, such as family heirlooms or memorial pins, are also important components to a wedding day. They all tell a story in their own way, whether it’s as moving as photographing a hand-me-down ring from a grandmother or as funny as pairs of funky socks from all the groomsmen with the groom’s face patterned onto them. Sometimes, it’s the little details that shine!

Here are some tips to creating the best flat lay:

  1. Make sure to have all 3 rings together on one side of the party (including the 2 marriage bands + engagement ring).
  2. Place all the details into one bin so that as soon as the photographer arrives, it can all be easily transported together to be photographed and so you won’t have to look for all the details if they’re scattered around your getting ready space.
  3. If you have a veil, remember to include that into the details.
  4. Ask your florist if they allow you to keep extra florals or petals that have fallen off for the photographer to use in the details flat lay.


Links to special details to add for the extra flare:

  • Gold Leaf Dish:
  • Antique tray for jewelry:
  • Custom acrylic ornament:
  • Velvet ring box (they have multiple colors to choose from):
  • Chiffon ribbons:
  • Antique scissors:
  • Antique wax stamp:
  • Custom engraved wax stamp:
  • Custom stamped vow books:
  • Personalized wooden floral ring dish:


Things to add to your wedding details flat-lay:

1. Invitation suite/Save the Dates


2. Vow books


3. Bouquet/boutonnieres


4. Veil


5. Hairpieces or accessories


6. Lace Garter


7. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings


8. Shoes


9. Marriage bands


10. Perfume/cologne bottle


11. Funky socks


12. Wristwatch


13. Fave alcoholic drinks/flasks


14. Memorial pins


15. Cultural details


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