NYC Central Park Engagement Session | New York City | Megan + Ryan

AtRomantic NYC Central Park Engagement Session | New York City

Engaged couple kissing while holding onto each other's long coats in Central Park's Bethesda Terrace as strangers walk by


Megan & Ryan’s Central Park Engagement Session

Megan first found me on my Instagram when I announced that I was going to be in New York City for the weekend, and I’m so glad she did because it gave me the chance to photograph a love so sweet between her and Ryan in the most romantic and filmy NYC Central Park engagement session.

At the beginning, when I first encountered these two, I could already tell how infectious their love was, not just to each other but through their friendly interactions with everyone around them. It made me feel like we were already friends, and those kind of people are always the best type of company. They had no qualms whatsoever with ridiculously running all over the place for the poses I had in mind, and Ryan wouldn’t bat an eye whenever I would tell him to pick Megan up and swing her around over and over again if it meant getting the perfect shot. It made for the most adventurous, candid types of photographs that bring out their true laughters and smiles with each other. I still remember laughing when I told them to just keep running back and forth together, and them just being like
“okay!” even though they kept having to dodge all these people walking by.

We started off their engagement session in Central Park’s Bethesda terrace, taking advantage of the gorgeous, arched aisles with walls adorned with colored tiles, granite stairs, and fountains. Even though we were shooting in the middle of the day when lots of tourists were walking about, I found that it actually added to the photo shoot. That wistful type of love that features stolen kisses in between the whir of strangers just walking past and going about their lives. We continued through the park, sauntering about the lanes of where the trees are still struggling to bloom from all the cold still lingering around New York City. However, it only made for cozier photos as a result.

The last photo of Megan and Ryan on the subway will always make me smile because I still want to laugh at how this last shot was how we said goodbye to each other. Initially we said bye at Central Park, but then we coincidentally ran into each other again on the subway and I’m like “Okay I saw this idea somewhere before and I wanna recreate it” and they practiced the pose until the stop I had to get off at since we only had one chance at it.

And then when it came to it, Megan had to shove her way to the window because a stranger wouldn’t move away from it. And then I just laughed when the subway started moving on and they were still frozen in that pose all the way up until they disappeared because they didn’t see me give them the thumbs up that I got the shot since this pose required them to keep their eyes closed. LOL

Moments that feel like moments when captured

Something I love so much about photographing couples is being able to breathe into life photos that capture how they look in each other’s eyes. I want my couples to look at their photos and not just simply see them but also FEEL them – feel the way they felt when they ran together hand in hand as they wove through all the strangers by them, feel each other’s laughters on their lips before kissing, feel the hands that stroked their faces so lovingly, and just know that in the future when everything inevitably changes, at least they have these photos that brings everything back to life again. If I’m able to create even a smidge of that feeling in their photos, then I’m fulfilled ❤️ Thank you again Megan + Ryan for sharing your smiles and your love with me 🥹

You can view more from this shoot on my Instagram post!


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