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Barcelona Engagement Photos at Ciutadella Park

barcelona engagement photos of Candid walking shot of a couple in beige neutral clothing within the Ciutadella Park.

Capturing Barcelona engagement photos in one of the dreamiest, tucked away corners of this romantic city

Capturing such a romantic engagement session at Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella with Tim and Vanessa was an incredibly amazing experience. I met these two lovebirds at a wedding I was photographing the week prior in Altea, Spain, and it was just a beautiful coincidence that they were heading to Barcelona afterwards too! So of course, we had to take their engagement photos at one of the most gorgeous places within the romantic heart of Barcelona. This location is amazing for taking a breather from the bustling city and venturing into the more serene areas that aren’t as busy or crowded as other places. It perfectly allows you to just relax into the scenery – highly recommend this spot for couples who want a stunning architectural backdrop while remaining more private and tucked away so they can be fully themselves for the portraits.

Vanessa & Tim’s Barcelona engagement photos

When the couple and I walked onto the grounds, we were just in complete awe of what was in front of us. It was unbelievable how the blue-green hue of the lake popped within all the lushness surrounding it. It’s safe to say that the vibrance of the oasis is just as colorful as it seems in the photos. We started off the photoshoot in front of the water basin, where I had Vanessa and Tim skipping and running around like lovestruck fools – which is exactly what I want to achieve for every single one of my couples when they’re in front of my camera.

Throughout the shoot, I found myself laughing along with them even though there were inside jokes whispered back and forth to elicit the candid laughter I tried my best to invoke within the couple so that I can bring forth their personalities through the shots. Vanessa laughed, saying that all the posing prompts I gave them were everything that she would jokingly not allow Tim to do to her, such as picking her up roughly and swinging her around like a maniac. We hobbled up the staircase that leads to the top of the architectural fountain overlooking the lake below, taking in the details of the Font de la Cascada. Then we entered the uppermost part of the structure where I had the couple swing each other around once more, running away, and picking each other up – whatever felt right for them in the lovey-dovey moments.

After the shoot, we went out for tapas, getting to know each other more over Spain’s famous sangria and paella. We wandered down Gothic quarter to take in, yet again, the beautiful nooks and crannies of Barcelona after dark, and ended the night together from there.

More about Parc de la Ciutadella

This page has so much more info on the details of this gorgeous, gorgeous park, so if you want to check it out for yourself, highly recommend hopping on over there! Other things to note is that admission to the park is free (yay!) and you can also access a zoo within there, which does have admission costs. Additionally, if you’re commuting by metro to the park, you can get off at the Arc de Triomf stop, and it’s a quick 5 min walk from there to get to the fountain!

Since the sun sets exceptionally late in Spain, it’s good to plan ahead on when to have your engagement session. If you want to take pictures during golden hour, I recommend starting off around 8pm, that way you have the tail end of the sunset light as you end the shoot with blue hour. The part of the park that I shot at doesn’t have too much walking involved, so you can easily get many pretty photos, all within walking distance from each other. Besides the steps leading up to Font de la Cascada, it’s all around very accessible to get those gorgeous views in front of the fountain!





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