Greenhouse Engagement Session at Rawlings Conservatory, MD | Ally + Logan


Photographing Ally and Logan’s engagement session in this greenhouse was like every plant-loving, earthbound, nature-galore photographer’s dream. Like yessss give me all the greenery vibes and earthy tones!!

I was so glad that this couple decided to have their engagement session at this location because I felt like it was the perfect place to shoot at because everything is indoors (no need to reschedule due to rain!), the temperature was comfortable throughout since it was a greenhouse, and all the plants gave us that “surrounded by greenery” feel in an engagement session. Located in Baltimore, this greenhouse called Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and is apparently the second oldest steel-framed and glass building still in use in the US! I feel like for the price of their photo permit in order to photograph here ($100 fee), it is an absolute steal for if you crave that “surrounded with nature” vibe for your engagement photos and you don’t want to risk the possibility of rain on your photo shoot date! This place closes at 4pm, so I recommend scheduling for a time earlier in the day so that as much sunlight as possible from outdoors comes in and perfectly light up your photos with your partner!

Here is the link to apply for a permit:

I’m so excited to photograph Ally and Logan’s wedding day later this fall at the Oakland Historic Mansion!


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